Lucidity - Dina Saheb

Luna and Sol - Briony Mcewan Condon

Stained - Rachel Langtree

Stained - Rachel Langtree

How To Fly - Dina Saheb

I was wandering through the dark abyss
When I stumbled across a glimmer of hope
And what should I see, staring back at me
But your beautiful light, telling me to just be..
The light of a thousand stars could not compare
To the luminescence, your soul did bear
You spread your love like a little fairy
And lifted me up, when I was oh so weary
Your energy danced around like a beautiful melody
The rhythm of your heart, so heavenly
With a smile so warm and full of devotion
Your presence had calmed the wildest ocean
Eyes so bright shining like a supernova
And there you held, the fruit of ambrosia 
You took my hand, and walked beside me
Showed me what it was like, to just be free
You held my head up, high to the sky
And with a love like that, you taught me how to fly 
All that was graced by your touch has turned to gold
And for you my love, you will never be old
Although you are now flying with the angels 
Your light is a gift that is forever here with us
And surely as the wind howls, we’ll hear the melody of your voice
As the sun rises, we’ll see the sparkle in your eyes
As we walk by the roses, we’ll smell your divine aroma
As the rain falls, we’ll hear your infectious laughter
As the waves crash, we’ll feel the warmth of your embrace
As the lightning flashes, we’ll see your guiding light
And as we look into each others eyes, we’ll see traces of you.

Forever with us Queen B
Fly high <3