28 July 2017 - Katty Reynolds

You came to visit me in the form of a butterfly the other day. You fluttered around my face and when I asked if it was you (I asked you to stop flapping your wings), you did instantly and sat on my hand until I told you I had to go. There is no one like you. I miss your presence so much. This video makes me smile so much, we were always so excited to show each other our bedroom get up. Yours was always better though 😋 you're always in my thoughts, you live on in our hearts. If you even knew half of the impact you had on everyone, you'd be gobsmacked! I hope you're having fun. I love you so much ♥

17 Feb 2018 - Dina Saheb

Happy birthday my beautiful girl <3 
I hope you've got a glass of red wine in one hand, a cigarette in the other, and that you're dancing to the sound of the stars singing your name across the cosmos. You are the most enchanting and admirable little creature I've had the pleasure of knowing, and I'm damn as hell jealous of whoever gets to sing and dance with you now. My gorgeous Aquarian soul sister, I love you, I love you, I love you

Feb 2018 - Gabrielle Blakeway

Tonight I just started laughing because I was thinking about the time we kept doing shakas in front of the uber drivers face until he got seriously annoyed and we just thought we were so fucking funny 😂 but we really weren't, I miss laughing with you till the point I can't move, everything was funny with you ❤️

16 March 2018 - Eli GravityBlast Ryan

There is not one day or moment I miss or think of you. Like holy fucking shit i miss n think of you so much and still talk to to you. I know you can hear me. No one will ever replace the beautiful soul you are. 
Cannot wait to meet again and tell you everything. We all love you n miss you so fucking much. These past few months have been really hard on me but all because of YOU im chasing my dreams. Cannot wait to catch up with you n tell you everything. Miss you so much 🐝💕💕

16 March 2018 - Bradley Conway

This time last year was the last time I got to spend with you. Every time I go past that bus stop where we took this photo I think that day, and what a weird day it was hahah. Miss you B .Also here a photo I found of us in our young days 😊 x

 8 December 2017 - Gabrielle Blakeway

I miss you every single day and I’m lucky enough to get these beautiful reminders of you. I’ve shown this to a few people because it amazes me, you still just know how to turn up when I need you most 💕

1 December 2017 - Tamara Corke

I miss you so much briony ,this still dosnt feel real. I miss your beautiful face , your laugh your smile , that bright personality like no other, your kindness every thing about you ! hope your doing okay up there Flying high 
I love you bee xx 🐝😘

2 November 2017 - Jill McEwan

My beautiful baby girl, I miss you and every time I close my eyes I see your radiant smile with the sun shining on your face. Without you I’ve been very lonely and did not think I could go out or face the world ever again. But with baby steps I have embraced life and living each day as you would have expected and making each day count, practising random acts of kindness. You were and remain a little beacon of light and love in the world and the glue that kept people together with kindness and love for everyone and with a flair for the dramatic. We learnt so much by your example. You live on forever in our hearts, minds and actions. ❤️🐝🌈#travellingtheworldjustnothowyouexpected #belikebee#bitchbetterhavemymoney #thesunisnotastar#thepartyneverstarteduntiljoshandbrionyarrived#youknowyoumadeitwhenyournameisasingleword #fashionicon.#aintnosunshinewhenshesgone #minijanisandmarilyn #alwaysuniqueShine bright my baby and shoot across the sky 💫

27 June 2017 - Michael Küpper

My sister the one who could look right thru me no matter how down i was and without a word make it all better xo
My sister who when we meet we had that instant life and love connection xo
My sister the girl that can't be tamed xo
My sister the angle that can only explain the voice your graced us with!!! 
Only the good die young considering your an angel maybe being on earth and not heven was just a blessing to us your friends and family 
I miss you sis I'll think of you everyday and never forget what you did for me i love you eternally Briony Mcewan I just want to hug u one last time but I'm happy your free and flying with the stars 💌💐💎🎼🎼🎼🎼
I'll finish you song soon b xxxxxooooo

21 September 2017 - Rachel John Langtree

Went over to Jill's today to pick up my brand new Bee boots.

Had just tried them on when suddenly a bee turns up in their kitchen.

Brett (cause he has no sense of real danger) captured the bee with his bare hands. Then the bee spent forever just hanging out on Bretts finger sippin passion pop & hanging out with us.

Finally got our passion pop drinking B back for an hour. We're pretty sure she is pissed that I got boots from Jill but she never did 😂 mental

13 March 2018 - Myllie Oz

Miss you aussie girl... You made me discover your country and we travelled together, worked together, laughed, shared and love each other. You'll stay in my heart forever 💝

2 September 2017 - Dina Saheb

I miss you so much 🐝
Thanks for stopping by for a drink and a laugh in my dream the other night... You were the embodiment of happiness, I know you're having a ball wherever you are! 🍷🌞🌛
I can't wait to see you again :)
I love you heaps girl ❤

10 August 2017 - Brett Condon

Thinking of you bubs. 
You'd have loved this xxxxx.

1 November 2017 - Brittany Fisher

Miss you kid. Can't believe you've been gone 4 months. I feel like you've just gone away for a while, but I guess that's just my way of coping with losing you. I'm just so so so grateful for the memories I have made with you. Every now and again I laugh to myself when I think of some of the stupid and hilarious shit we have done. Live u so so so much fam. I just know u be tearin' shit up wherever u may be ! 😘😘😘

6 August 2017 - Jill McEwan

My little star ⭐️. My days are full of pictures of you (another Cure reference). Today I remembered a Sunday we went shopping. You had just watched the INXS documentary and decided that MH was the bomb for which I openly judged you. My mistake. While I was standing in the underwear department you decided that was time to give an impromptu performance of Need you Tonight, twerking moves and all much to the disapproval of other shoppers. You did not let me leave until you had finished your stellar performance. Much like the day while in Woolworths I told your brother I did not care for Beyoncé to which he then danced a whole isle sing All the single ladies, with actions. Shopping with you two was always entertaining ❤️🐝⭐️🌈💃